Gallery & Videos

View some of the photos we have taken over the years across Somerset, Dorset... the UK!

With your permission we take photos at almost every function, these are then given to you as a free gift a few weeks after your function.

Please note! The videos on this page are taken live at events and functions. The music that is playing is down to what our clients had requested! The music on one video may be your 'cup of tea' whereas another may make you cringe! Please don't watch a video and then think 'Crikey, I don't want my function turning into a Rave', or 'This music is so dated, how boring'!

We play the music you want for your function. 

This page is currently being updated. For more photos please visit our Facebook page or YouTube video page~ Alternatively click on the Disco Packages link for the different Shows we can provide.

Show 3 Brympton House with surround lighting

Show 3 installed for a Wedding at Brympton House Somerset.

This video was taken around Midnight when our clients requested they wanted club and dance music with the lasers and smoke!

Lighting placed around the dance floor on Totems (2 metre high columns) created the effect they wanted.

The sound was set to a good volume but the microphone on the video camera made it distort! Please be assured it did not sound like this on the night!    

A glimpse of 2014

Photos taken by ourselves during 2014 and put into a short video. we couldn't include every event or function as the video would be many hours long!

We take photos for fun on the night of your function and upload them for you to download. We do ask permission to use some for promotional purposes. If you feel you don't want to share them with the world, no problem! It's just a little thank you from us, sometimes we take only a handful of photos whereas other times you may have 50 to 100!